Wednesday, February 26, 2014

U.S. Census Series: Lincoln, Indiana 1870

Hendricks county is just to the west of the city of Indianapolis in the state of Indiana. By 1870, the city had grown steadily due to the first railroad, which opened in the 1840s. 

In the 1870 census, Lincoln township in Hendricks county reported a population of 1,502. 5.25% of those people are listed as born in Ireland, a total of 79. For all 79, their county or place of origin is listed.[1] 

The breakdown is as follows:
Galway 64
Dublin 5
Down 3
Cork 3
Glinn/Glenn [could possibly refer to Glin, Co. Limerick] 2
Donegal 1
Belfast 1

Lincoln, Indiana census page showing county of origin

You can read through the 38 pages of census returns for Lincoln township by clicking here. Browse the pages by using the image number arrow.

The U.S. Census Series of articles highlight examples from the federal census that give an Irish county/place of birth.To read about other examples like this click the 'Census Series' label, below.

[1] All total numbers and percentages come from a manual tabulation from the relevant census pages. Small errors are quite possible.

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  1. A little bit of "chain migration" going on there in Lincoln, Indiana!