Friday, April 18, 2014

Representative Young Irish-Americans of Troy, NY.... the does-what-it-says-on-the-tin title of a series of biographical sketches of 72 men of Irish heritage who lived in the city in the 19th century.[1] The book was published in 1889 and contains excellent genealogical material for those who are profiled. Dates of birth, parents names, years of immigration, schooling, work history, and notable achievements are included where relevant, or known. Profile sketches are also to be found in this publication.

You can read the book on the website.

William J. Roche in Representative Young Irish-Americans of Troy, NY,  p. 13

Michael Francis Collins in Representative Young Irish-Americans of Troy, NY,  p. 17

[1] E.H. Lisk. Representative Young Irish-Americans of Troy, NY. Troy, NY: E.H. Lisk. 1889.


  1. Best to take these articles skeptically. They are, comparatively, the online family trees of their day. Accuracy and listing of sources were not high priority. The article on Thomas Dowling indicates his father Edward died at Gettysburg. While it's true his father did die as the result of wounds sustained in a civil war battle (Petersburg a year after Gettysburg) it was not before Edward deserted, then re-enlisted under an assumed name. Good thing his widow applied for a pension, or it would have remained a mystery to his descendants forever!

  2. An excellent point, and one I should have mentioned!