Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ottawa Valley Irish

Ottawa Valley Irish is a website maintained by M.C. Moran. It's one-half database, containing his Irish and French immigrant family tree, and one,half guide to doing Irish genealogy in Ottawa and wider Canada. The introduction outlines that:

This website covers the family histories of a number of Irish and French Canadian families in the Ottawa Valley area, including the Morans of Huntley township; the Laheys and Killeens of March township; the McGlades of Perth; the McCarthys of Kitley township; and the Derouins of Otter Lake.

It also offers tips and tricks for the pursuit of Irish and Canadian genealogy: how to trace your Irish ancestry through Canadian sources; how to search the census records and census substitutes; how to decipher, translate, and interpret the Catholic parish records; and more.[1]

The second paragraph of the introduction is achieved through Moran's blog posts. Interesting examples are highlighted from various records, such as this example of a marriage blessing. Many Catholic records in Canada were written in French, so it is very useful to see Moran's translation of these documents.

The 'resources' section contains links to websites and institutions, primarily in Canada, but also in Ireland, the U.S, France, and the United Kingdom. There is also a number of useful articles in the 'reading' section, in particular those about the Catholic Church in Canada.

[1] MC Moran. Home. Ottawa Valley Irish. 2010. www.ottawavalleyirish.com: accessed 13 March 2014.

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