Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Patrickswell Brownes Blog

It is always refreshing and insightful to see what research problems others have to grapple with as they aim to uncover more about their Irish ancestors and where they come from in Ireland. Learning how other do their research, and the sources they have consulted, can help us become better genealogists.

I recently stumbled across the Patrickswell Brownes blog. Started in December 2015, it walks readers through the research of an unnamed person as they learn more about their Browne ancestors. The posts are insightful, detailed and show a very good knowledge of sources in the United States and Ireland. Bonus points, too, for the healthy dose of citations. 

There have been 14 posts so far and it is worth reading from the beginning.


  1. Joe, thanks for the kind words of encouragement! The blog is primarily for the family so our stories are not forgotten. Being focused on research for each individual post has led me to information I never dreamed was possible to find. I question everything I find and try to discover reasons why the family acted as they did. And, of course I want anyone following me to be able to find and recreate the same story. Some of the conclusions are my own, but, they are based on information provided in the sources cited. I'd love to hear from any cousins out there who are reading this! Thanks again!

  2. We, as Brown family relatives, are all so very pleased with the excellent work Mary Ann has been doing to flesh out this story. It is gratifying to see you post this information about the fine work she is doing.

  3. Research into ones ancestory I think is something really important and should be done. It can really inspire a person. Once I'm done with my dissertation writing help, I'll try looking into this too. Thanks for the post mate,

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