Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Documentary On One - A Genealogical Perspective

One of the best radio documentary series is the simply but aptly titled Documentary on One on RTE Radio 1. A full back catalog of hundreds of hours is available to listen to on the RTE website. Over the years, many documentaries have focused on migration from Ireland to North America and other topics that will be of great interest to genealogists. I have compiled a list below of such titles. Enjoy.


The McGraths (2000) - McGrath family reunion in Lanesborough, County Fermanagh. Members of the family first emigrated to the United States in 1827.

My Dear Cousin  (2012) - Letters sent between two cousins in Ireland and the United States between 1917 and 1971.

The Cons (2009) - The annual visit of the Smith family from America to County Cavan.

The Anaconda Road Massacre (2015) - The murder of Irish immigrant Thomas Manning in Butte, Montana 1916. Includes back story on Irish immigration to the town.

Kenmare Street (2012) - The story of Tim Sullivan, the son of two assisted emigrants from the Lansdowne Estate in County Kerry to New York City's Five Points.

The Newfoundland Connection (2003) - The links between south east Ireland and Newfoundland.

Other documentaries of genealogical interest

Strangers in Ireland (1985) - The Huguenots who settled in Ireland.

Battle of Carrickshock (1983) - Includes the history of the 1823 Tithe Composition Act, Tithe Applotment Books, and tithe defaulters.

The Murder, Me and My Family Tree (2015) - A member of the Haskins family 
uses DNA and documents to see if he is related to the last man hanged in Wicklow jail.

Lost Children: Children in Irish Workhouses (1982) - The story of children in Irish workhouses in the 19th century.

Bound By Regulations (1995) - The history of the hiring fair, which resulted in internal migration of agricultural laborers within Ireland.

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