Thursday, January 1, 2015

Naturalization Records From Troup County, Georiga

Troup County, Georgia, was founded in 1826 on the border of that state with Alabama. Documents from the Troup County Archives are available to view via the Digital Library of Georgia. One interesting set of documents is the Inventory of the Troup County, Georgia Superior Court Records 1827-1926, 1936-1937. A subset of these records is ‘Series IV: Naturalizations, 1842-1908.’ Scanned images of the naturalization applications for sixty-eight immigrants are available to view. Eight of these men were from Ireland and their Irish county of origin is recorded on the documentation. They are:

Name                    Year of Naturalization                    County of Origin
Maginis, Daniel                 1843                                       Dublin
Ryan, Daniel                       1854                                       Limerick
Ryan, James                       1854                                       Tipperary
Ryan, John                          1854                                       Limerick
Sullivan, Jeremiah            1855                                       Kerry
Simpson, Thomas            1859                                       Leitrim? (unsure if it is this county)
Gaffney, Thomas              1860                                       Roscommon
Riley, Jeremiah                 1860                                       Cork

Access these records by clicking here. Access the Digital Library of Georgia website by click here.

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