Friday, October 31, 2014

Florida Snowbirds

This is the time of year when many elderly people from all across the United States and Canada begin to  head to the southern parts of the U.S. to escape the harsh mid-western, northern and Canadian winter. One disadvantage, for those who are genealogy enthusiasts, is that they cannot attend talks, lectures, and workshops that are held by genealogy groups and societies in their home state/country. Florida is probably the most popular place to winter for these "snowbirds." So, what opportunities are available in Florida to attend Irish specific genealogy group and society meetings over the winter months?

The Groups/Societies/Institutions (GSI) database on this website lists all of these types of organizations in the U.S. and Canada that I am currently aware of.* This includes two genealogical societies in Florida. Firstly, there is the Lee County Genealogical Society - Irish Special Interest Group. They meet in Fort Myers, which is on the Gulf Coast side of the state, about a 50 minute drive north of Naples, FL. Secondly, there is The Villages Genealogical Society, which also has an Irish genealogy special interest group. This group is located in north central Florida, about a one hour drive north-west of Orlando.

Therefore, if you are a Florida snowbird, there are opportunities to meet with other Irish genealogy enthusiasts and learn something new.

*If your GSI is not listed, please comment at the end of this post, or on the GSI database webpage, and I will add your organization to the list. 

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