Thursday, August 28, 2014

Going Beyond US WDYTYA II

My previous post about Irish themed Who Do You Think You Are episodes outside the US has lead to an unearthing of some more episodes on YouTube. Tonight, the episode from British WDYTYA is about Brendan O'Carroll, a "comedian" from Ireland (4pm Eastern). See the Kerry O'Brien instructions, below, for how you might watch this episode.

Alistar McGowan**         UK version           
Did not research in Ireland (focus on Irish ancestry is in the last few minutes of episode): Part 1, Part 2

Jeremy Irons*                   UK                            
Dublin Down

Barbara Windsor**         UK                           
Cork:  Part 1, Part 2

Kerry O'Brien                   Australia               
Could not find video of episode. WDYTYA is aired on the SBS network/channel in Australia. If you are outside Australia, you might try something like, ahem, this, and view them on the SBS On Demand page (BBC iPlayer for the above mentioned Brendan O'Carroll episode).

Jack Thompson                 Australia              
Same as above

Thanks to shanew* and P. Breathnach** on the genealogy forum for providing information about some of these episodes.

UPDATE (1 September) : Thanks goes out to Lisa Walsh Dougherty—who has previously written two posts on Townland of Origin (here and here)—for highlighting that episodes from the current season of UK WDYTYA are available to watch on YouTube:
This includes the Julie Walters (Mayo) and Brendan O'Carroll (Dublin) episodes.


  1. Also the Dervla Kirwan episode from the UK Season 7 in 2010 is on Youtube at
    From this season in the UK, the Julie Walters episode features her Irish ancestors who were prominent in the County Mayo Land League. It's also on Youtube:

  2. Thanks Lisa, I have that first link in my first post about this topic Thanks for the Julie Walters link, that didn't take long to find it's way onto YouTube!