Wednesday, March 26, 2014

U.S Census Series: Savannah, Georgia 1860

A recent exchange on Twitter about the Wexford Savannah Axis project between Damian Shiels (of the Irish in the American Civil War website and book) and David Gleeson (Northumbria University - Newcastle and the Atlantic Irish blog) highlighted the recording of Irish counties of birth in the federal census for those living in Savannah, Georgia.

A look at the 1860 federal census shows that there are a very large number of instances of the Irish county of birth being recorded: 2662.[1] This is a substantial boon to anyone with Irish ancestry in Savannah. Given the nature of the research project (see previous post or click here) it is not surprising to see Wexford tops the charts. In addition to this, there are large representations from Kerry, Mayo, Cork, Cavan, Roscommon, Leitrim, Dublin, and Galway.

Wexford 463
Kerry 322
Mayo 255
Cork 223
Cavan 169
Roscommon 166
Limerick 137
Dublin 128
Galway 106
Clare 89
Meath 70
Sligo 60
Kilkenny 45
Westmeath 45
Longford 44
Donegal 33
Tyrone 33
Tipperary 32
Kildare 29
Leitrim 24
Monaghan 24
Derry/Londonderry 23
Waterford 23
Laois 20
Carlow 18
Armagh 16
Wicklow 14
Offaly 13
Antrim 12
Louth 7
Down 2
Fermanagh 1

Total 2662

The PhD thesis of Edward Shoemaker, Strangers and Citizens: The Irish Immigrant Community of Savannah, 1837-1861 (Emory University, 1990), compiled all examples of Irish counties of birth in the federal census, as well as providing an in-depth analysis of the Irish community.

This link will bring you to the indexes for Chatham County, Georgia (where Savannah is) in the 1860. U.S federal census.

[1] All total numbers come from a manual tabulation from the indexes. Small errors are quite possible.

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