Friday, March 14, 2014

U.S. Census Series: Mad River, Clark County, Ohio 1850

Mad River Township, Clark County, Ohio, is located between the cities of Springfield and Dayton. Settlers first came to the area in the very last years of the 18th century. More followed in the early 1800s, including Thomas Collier from Ireland, who is believed to be the first Irishman in the area.[1]

Census return from Mad River Township, Iowa
showing Irish counties of birth

Census records for the township from 1850 give that all-important county of origin. About 80 people who were born in Ireland are listed. Some of the people recorded are well over 50 years and so were born in the 18th century. Counties Cork, Down, Fermanagh, Limerick, Kerry, Kilkenny, Meath, and Tipperary, amongst others, are all represented.

In total, there are 46 pages of population schedules for the township. Click here to start at p.1.

[1] Rockell, William M. 20th Century History of Springfield, and Clark County, Ohio, and Representative Citizens. Chicago, IL: Biographical Publishing Company. p.954

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