Monday, September 30, 2013

Research Example: Finding The Townland Of Origin

What parish were they baptized in? What townland were they from? Could it even be possible to get an exact location for a house they lived in? These are some of the questions that people start with when they begin their genealogical journey (well, they might not know what a townland is at the start, but they'll soon find out how important it is!)

Research guides abound, but a concise, clear example of quality step-by-step research that finds the townland of origin can be hard to come across. With this in mind, I would like to present an example by Judy Kellar Fox, a board certified genealogist.

The blog posts outline the research conducted over a ten week period, the examination of evidence from primary and secondary resources, and how specific pieces of information lead to the examination of other record sets. Importantly, hypotheses are tested and evidence used to lead to conclusions. Regular readers of my blog will note that my beloved citations make a regular appearance too!

Pinpointing Denis Buggy's Irish Origins (note: I contributed advice about how surname research can be used in this process.)

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