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U.S. Roman Catholic Cemetery Publications I

The information on cemetery grave markers can sometimes provide an Irish county or civil parish of origin for the deceased. If a grave marker exists, efforts should be made to consult it, either in person or online via sites such as findagrave.com or interment.net. Another great source for such information is the many books of transcribed grave marker inscriptions that have been created over the years by dedicated individuals and local genealogy organizations. 

One of the great advantages of these books is that they can act as a sort of time machine for research. For example, a book may have been compiled in the 1990s when the inscriptions on a grave marker was legible but in poor condition. A researcher in 2016 looking at that same grave marker may find that the inscription is now completely worn away, but they have the book to consult.

Below you will find the first half of a list of published grave marker inscriptions from Roman Catholic cemeteries in the United States that I have come across over the last few years. Some of the titles, such as those from cemeteries in Connecticut, specifically mention that an Irish place of origin is mentioned on some of the grave markers in the book.

Please add a comment if you know of publications for states Alabama through Massachusetts that are not on this list.

North America
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  1. Hi Joe. Thanks for this list. Please add Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma California which includes bodies re-interred from Calvary Cemetery in San Francisco in the 1920's. Index available at sfgenealogy.com which should be given lots of credit

  2. Please add the following to your list of US Catholic Cemeteries: St Peter's, Credit River; St Patrick's, Scott County; St John's, Dakota County; St Catherine's, Scott County; and St Michael's, LeSeuer County. All are in Minnesota and
    printed list of gravestones are available from the Irish Genealogical Society Intl., South St. Paul, MN. email to: librarian@irishgenealogical.org