Monday, May 9, 2016

U.S. Genealogy Talk At The National Library Of Ireland

Next Saturday, 14 May, I'll be speaking about U.S. genealogy at the National Library of Ireland, Dublin. The talk begins at 2pm and there will be a bit of chat and a cup of tea or two afterwards at Buswell's Hotel, across the street. All are welcome to attend. More information.

Researching Uncle Sam: Introductory Genealogy Resources in the United States of America

Almost 3.8 million people immigrated to the United States of America from Ireland between 1851 and 1921. Millions more arrived on the shores of North America in the decades and centuries before those years. Therefore, practically every Irish-born person today has an ancestor who can be traced in American genealogy records. This talk will provide researchers with an overview of the main record sets that should be consulted when beginning genealogy research in the U.S. The backbone of American genealogy, the Federal Census, will be discussed in detail, along with the less well known state censuses. Civil registration, or vital records as they are known stateside, will be explained along with where to apply for those all-important birth, marriage, and death records. Immigration and naturalization records will be the focus of the concluding parts of the lecture.

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