Thursday, November 5, 2015

Washington State Irish Genealogy Groups

Washington state is home to a number of organizations that promote Irish genealogy and they are all based in the Seattle metropolitan area. If you have Washington Irish ancestry, reside in the state, or plan to visit there for research, then getting acquainted with them can be very beneficial. Members of such organizations often have local knowledge about areas where Irish immigrants settled, know how to access genealogy records in the state, and also know about the less well known resources that can help you break through those genealogy brick walls.

The main organization is the Seattle Genealogical Society. Like many state or large city genealogy groups, they have an Irish interest group and meet every third Saturday. The Eastside Genealogical Society, based in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue, has an Irish and Scots-Irish special interest group.  Lastly, there is the Irish Heritage Club of Seattle which hosts occasional genealogy events.

You can learn more about these organizations and others across the United States and Canada on the Groups/Societies and Institutions (GSI) Database page elsewhere on this site.

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