Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Delaware Website - Lalley.com

How many of you have started out doing your family history and over time the search morphed into an effort to collect all of the records for a surname/townland/parish etc? If you are one of those people then you will be able to relate to the curators of the website Lalley.com. 

In the words of site owner, Joseph M. Lalley: "what began [as] a simple search for our family's ancestors who arrived in Wilmington as early as 1830, soon became a major research project seeking the answer to why the Irish came to Wilmington, Delaware and a search for the locality in Ireland from which they emigrated."[1]

The Lalley.com website has a whole range of transcribed records, with probably the most impressive being their set of Catholic parish registers. The record set was last updated in 2010 but it has almost all baptismal and marriage records for the parishes in the Diocese of Wilmington (Delaware and Maryland) for the years 1795 to 1925. There are also death and cemetery records, federal census entries, and transcribed city directory and passenger list information.

Beyond this, the site has a range of other useful sections, such as links to Delaware website for genealogy and local history.

Access the website by clicking here.  

See a previous post about cemetery records from the Diocese of Wilmington by clicking here.

[1] Lalley, Joseph. Why This Site? 2004. http://www.lalley.com: accessed 23 April 2015.


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  2. I tried to post a few days ago, but it never showed up. The links to the Lally site don't work. I keep getting website not available. Lally is spelled two different ways in the above article, but I tried both versions. Then I went to Google to try going that way, but no luck. Is the site down?

  3. Hi cmkinhunter,

    Thanks for pointing that out. The site does not work for me either. It was working when I wrote the post (4/23). It might be temporarily down.



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