Friday, January 17, 2014

From North Tipp To The Canadas

In the forward to Bruce Elliot’s book Irish Migrants in the Canadas: A New Approach, Donald Akenson of Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, makes an excellent point: plenty of publications show the statistics of migration from Ireland to North America and plenty of publications focus on individual migrants who made that same journey. But very few focus, in detail, on the migration of communities across the Atlantic.

This book begins to addresses this gap in historical and genealogical research with its focus on the migration of 775 Protestant families from the North Tipperary area to Canada from 1818-1855. 

Forensic in its detail, Irish Migrants in the Canadas gives the reader a vivid understanding of this part of Ireland in the early and mid-19th century, the families that went to Canada, and what happened to them and the next generations as they built their new life.

This is the type of publication that every genealogist dreams about coming across in relation to one of their ancestors. Local history on both sides of the Atlantic, detailed maps of settlement, passenger list information, constructed pedigree charts, and lots and lots of citations are all to be found.

If you believe you have an ancestor who was a part of this migration then beg, borrow, or steal this book.

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